in november

Right now there are more leaves on the ground than the trees.

And every morning Alamae wants to put back on the the 1980's cat sweater with puff sleeves.

And no one's hair is ever combed.

And the yard is a mess. And the house is a mess. And the cars and the closets and pretty much everything else that could be a mess is.

It's November and Arlo still forgets to put on shoes. And the top of his butt refuses to hide.

We stay up too late and we sleep too late, and everyone keeps sneaking Halloween candy from the freezer that's mostly broken.

The days will keep getting shorter until one day they start getting longer.

But then the trees will be completely bare. Then maybe it will snow.

this is where


This is where you live.

Where you make meals and change diapers.

Where the laundry piles up and the dust collects in corners.

It's where tentative first steps are taken and where new words are discovered.

This is where you tuck your children in for the night.

Where you wake up to a pot of coffee.

It is comfort and responsibility. 

A refuge and an offering.

you are made of elements

I love wild, raw, feminine power. I'm attracted to it in other women. I love embracing it in myself.

I love sexiness that feels like the elements. Like wind and water and fire and earth.

But it isn't what I see.

I see this painted, plastic, hairless, poreless shell of what it means to me on bodies without dimples or wrinkles.

The sexiness that is sold to me has so little appeal to me, and has never looked anything like me.

I am not interested in high heels or red lips or fishnets.

I want my sexiness to come from a place feels like creation and not consumerism.

And I want to work toward making images that capture that, while also helping women to embrace that power in themselves.

In Teethkiss (an online photography workshop that I solidly recommend) Yan Palmer writes about creating the thing that you want in the world but can't find. For me, this comes close to that. I want to find a way to do "boudoir" that feels like my understanding of sexy, and in the process, I hope to help more women uncover that aspect of themselves.

What wonderful things would result from real women allowing themselves to be sexy without feeling like they have to change themselves or buy something? If they just let themselves be sexy just as they are?

If you're interested in booking a session to try to do just that, please get in touch

Because feeling beautiful is great, but there is a power in feeling sexy that shouldn't be denied. 

always sisters

As we walked around Jefferson Patterson Park, there were more than a few strange looks. Three brides? And there are plenty of jokes to be made. Sister wives?

But strange looks, jokes, and confusion aside, these sisters are beautiful and a pleasure to photograph.  They have fun when they are together. They laugh and move with ease, teasing each other and complimenting one another in the same breath. 

So much of my identity as woman comes from my understanding of what it means to be a sister. What it means to have years of jokes and hurt feelings living together in a memory of unconditional love.  Getting to spend a golden hour with these three sisters reminded me of the power of sisterhood. And certainly the beauty of it.

an incomplete list of non-human things that i love

I love old fences.


Moving water.

Moving plants.

Live oaks and weeping willows.

Hair/ big/ messy/ moving.

Overalls. Blue Jeans. Torn knees. Cuffed hems.

I love big, toothy smiles.

Gaps in teeth.


Crows feet.

Nobel noses.

I love grass stains on clothing.

Peeling paint.

Laundry lines.

Front porches.

House plants.

Old oil portraits.

Turquoise jewelry.

Things that feel like they're from a Larry McMurtry novel or a Townes Van Zandt song.


Mustardy yellow.

Bare feet.

Honesty mixed with optimism. 




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