doing the work

For years, I thought I wanted a farm. I would look at listings. Occasionally visit properties. I'd fantasize about chickens and fields of greens, a bee hive humming somewhere in the distance.

I think small, sustainable agriculture is important. I believe that paying the people who grow your wood a living wage is moral duty.  I wanted to be a part of that.

It was a pleasant idea to spend long afternoons with, but eventually I realized that I am not meant to farm. I hate yard work and we like to leave home for weeks and weekends. 

I also realized that I can still be a part of the ideas that mean so much to me by supporting farms and farmers who are gentle with the earth, who grow food honestly.

My friends Becky and Mark do that. They make a lot of sacrifices so that they can do this work. They struggle through seasons that are too wet or too dry. Through pests  and slow markets. They work long days in all weather without huge financial returns. 

I'm proud to call them my friends.

Redtree Farmstead 

This is a video I made last year: At Redtree Farmstead

And another video from a couple of years ago when they were on a different piece of land: Alamae Turns One