risk and reward // pictures from a first birthday party

I have an unhealthy fear of being boring. 

I have never been particularly afraid of standing out, but I have been afraid of being dull.

I don't want to say what other people say, or do what they do. I don't want to be dressed like everyone else. And I don't want my house to look like every other one on the street. I have always been attracted to sub-culture over pop-culture,

I've always been more attracted to quirky than I have to preppy or popular or pretty.

And every time I flirt with the idea of minimalism, I remind myself that every house I have ever loved has been weird and bold and filled with bits and pieces that serve no purpose except to amuse.

So of course I love Eryka and her family and her house filled with pets and farm animals and hand painted murals. She's not afraid of big undertakings and substantial risks. 

Her house is the type that keeps you entertained- peeking around to find hidden treasures. The kind of house that evolves and transforms, sometimes in fits, sometimes in spurts, but never stagnates. 

Maybe she's always feared fitting in too.

A hopefully, probably, that's what she's instilling in to her kids, one of whom turned one year old a week ago, complete with musubi and sprinkle cakes, balloons and water guns.