slow mornings: at-home in petworth

In-home session are best started in pajamas.

And with coffee.

Feel free to finish up breakfast.

Put on a record.

Let it feel like a slow Saturday morning.

That’s what it is.

This is who you all are.

We can wander in and out of rooms as toddlers dictate.

I’ll be looking for light.

Watching the way you laugh with each other.

Observing as your little person looks for things on tippy toe.

When it feel’s like things have come to a natural close, get dressed.

I’ll go downstairs to drink the dregs of my coffee that I abanoned earlier in my excitement.

While you put on lipstick and convince your child to wear the sweater you picked out, I’ll load film into a camera.

Then drive me around to your favorite spots around town.

We’ll document the place you call home.

Home is, after all, more than the building where you sleep.

And a few weeks later when you get your pictures, hopefully you see and feel what I saw and felt.

The love and beauty of a life well-lived.

Contact me to book a cozy winter session. Let me help you to be able to remember your family exactly as you are now.

the magic happens at home: family session in stewartstown, pa.

Just because I’ve said it before doesn’t mean I won’t say it again: there’s a certain magic in taking your family photos in your home. A synergy you can’t get at the park or the beach or on a beautiful dusky field.

You’re comfortable there and no one is looking on, no one except for me. You laugh with each other and play and pout. And when someone needs a break, they can sulk (or skip) off and come back when they’re ready.

Home is where the snacks are. And the bathroom if you need it.

It’s where you wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night. Where you share your meals and resolve your fights. And so those pictures have a subtle depth. An unseen layer of memory.

I’ll happily take your family photos at the park or beach or on a beautiful dusky field. And we will capture things that are still honest and true. But don’t underestimate your home as the perfect setting. The half finished projects and messy corners won’t show up (unless you want them to).

Get in touch if you’re interested in booking a family session.

What is: A Sagamore Pendry , Fell's Point Wedding

With a wedding this beautiful, cool, perfectly executed, it would be easy for the style to overwhelm the substance.

But it didn’t stand a chance.

The substance was there, filling in the space between the gorgeous flowers, the killer reception jumpsuit, the delicious cocktail named after a very ornery dog.

There was love. And feeling. And this poem by Galway Kinnell, read by the groom’s father, Michael, as a part of the ceremony.

Whatever happens. Whatever
what is is is what
I want. Only that. But that.

Like Michael, I believe in mountains, poetry, and love. The same love that brought Laurie and Galen together on a beautiful fall day in Charm City.

These are the folks that helped make this day amazing:

Venue/Catering: The Sagamore Pendry Hotel
Planner: Jes at Intrinsic Weddings
AV/Lighting: Five Star AV
Entertainment: Vertigo Red
Strings: Vertigo Red
Florist: Lucky Penny 
Rentals: Select Event Group
Cake: Charm City Cakes 
Hair/Make-up: Haute Blowdry 
Photobooth: Pixilated
Transportation: Charm Cars

With two photo stops in Fells Point at Sinners and Saints and Alexander’s, the bar where Laurie and Galen met, which should serve as a reminder that some people still meet the old fashioned way.