New Year's is my favorite holiday.

Even though I will likely ring in the new year on my couch binge watching Lady Dynamite, it's not the parties that get me excited. Actually, I have had very few fun NYE's and typically find them kind of disappointing. Don't get me wrong, I like a little drunken debauchery as much as the next guy, but there's something about starting a new year hung-over that's actually kind of depressing.

What I like is the time of reflection paired with the renewed sense that I can do better, be better. 

I believe in self-improvement. I believe in goals. I believe in creating the life that you want. And a new year is a great excuse to think about what I have done and what I plan to do. 

A because I love reading other people's list (a frequently steal from them to add to my own), I'll include mine, which is a little all over the place:

  1. Shoot a roll of film every month
  2. Attend a networking event every month.
  3. Redefine the idea of "networking" so it doesn't make me cringe.
  4. Complete another Whole30 
  5. Gossip less.
  6. Read more.
  7. Move my body more (dance, yoga, maybe running)
  8. Only buy used or ethically produced clothing.
  9. Do a better job teaching my kids about science.
  10. Make-out with Tom more.

Bonus Resolution: Create another set of resolutions at the beginning of each season because, why not?

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