Washington, DC Backyard Wedding

I often joke that if I had to plan a wedding tomorrow, I would just have it at the North Beach Fire Department.  I would vow not to look at Pinterest and nothing would be cool or cute or pretty.  I would spend the money on a booze and a band and lots of cheap, delicious food. 

Because the more weddings I go to, the harder it would be to plan something without freezing up. There are so many choices, and people do it so well. How could I compete?

Despite the fact that I try to pretend I'm not, I am so deeply competitive that I do everything in my power to avoid competition for fear of losing. Hence, the firehouse wedding. Everyone would know I hadn't really tried. I would get some irony points. It would be fun. I win by the rules I have set in the game I created.

But it certainly would not be envy inducing, which is exactly what Judith and Ryan's wedding was. Their wedding in a lifelong family friend's backyard was perfectly styled with poufs and Moroccan rugs and ornate lamps with just a hint of patina.  The vows they wrote to each other were powerful, funny, and moving. The beautiful food was served by an army of equally beautiful staff. The DJ was somehow cool and accessible. 

For a woman who claimed she never wanted a wedding, she sure put on a wedding that would win in Wedding Wars, if such a reality TV show exists. The Flower Guy and the dress-up tent would have have been enough to sway any judge who had not made up her mind.


DJ Les Talusan with L&O Creative

Susan Gage Caterers

Decor by all her ladies.