family portrait // january 2017

This here is a blatant rip-off of one of my favorite photographer's series: a portrait of my family once a month. I'm hoping that acknowledging it makes it sort of allowed.  Imitation is, after all, the sincerest form of flattery. 

Sena: Is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Year of the Chicken at the end of the month. She is fully prepared to wear something red for 365 days in a row.

Gus: Had a very lethal Christmas-- BB gun, antique harpoon, bowie knife, survival knife, and fishing knife.

Arlo: Cried for a good, long while when he discovered that he couldn't marry his favorite character from his favorite video game: a redhead with a side ponytail and a compost pile. Turns out she's already married and has four kids. Sounds kinda like someone I might know. 

Alamae: Has already said "mama" more in her short life than all the other three combined. She also has a perpetual bedhead and a love for the color pink that knows no bounds. 

Me: Determined to swear off non-ethical clothing. It's all going to be secondhand, fair trade, and/ or organic around here. 

Tom: Finished his first novel hours before the new year struck.