Leo Tolstoy, I'm hear to tell you that you are wrong. All happy families are not alike. 

I see them. The way some love quietly and some love boldly.

I watch as some adventure and as other's prefer the refuge of home.

Yes, they all have a light, the glow of people who love well and are loved in return. 

But you weren't there as I pulled up to see a barefoot, dapper teen pick a dew covered rose for his mother before he realized anyone else was there.

And you didn't witness the way each son wanted his turn to lean on to his mother and smile for a camera so that the future would know how much he loved her. 

You didn't see the pride on the smallest face as she wore the dress made just for the occasion.

How they laughed with each other, even when they teased. 

How their home was such a magnet that even the neighbor's cat came in and out as he pleased.

I have made a job of studying happy families, Leo. And I've never seen one quite like this.