Chestertown, Maryland Wedding on the Banks of the River

My dear friend got married this summer.

I knew her before I ever met her. She was one of those people who carried herself with an quiet confidence. From a distance someone once pointed her out, "That's Kat" they told me as we watched her help unload a thrift-store purchased chair from the back of her Jeep. Even in that moment, I knew I liked her. The thing is, everyone likes her. As a person who can be a little ornery and not like things simply because they are well-liked, it's remarkable I like Kat as much as I do.

When meeting other people who know Kat, I sometimes try to prompt them to say something awful about her, share some dark, terrible secret. I'm convinced that if I ask enough people, someone will finally reveal even one negative thought about her. But each time, the other person just laughs. No one ever has an unkind word to say.

And somehow, she managed to find another human as equally well-liked, a man of the people who listens when you talk to him and rules this dance floor with his deft moves and a sense of humor. The fact that his name rhymes with hers almost makes it too cute. Almost. 

So "Kat and Pat" got married, and even the weather must love them because it was a beautiful day August day on the Chester River, and that was no guarantee. August in Maryland can be downright unpleasant. But the day they said their vows on the lawn of a friend's old family home was sunny and cool. 

The wedding was a testament to their overwhelming likability. Our friend Claire, one of the bridesmaids, made Kat's dress. Another friend, Becky of Redtree Farmstead grew and arranged the flowers. My sister catered it, with the help of her friends, my daughter and my aunt. Friends came together to paint signs and set the tables and make the whole day painfully beautiful.  

It was joyful and touching and a perfect way for them to honor their commitment to one another.