notes from a field trip

I've always been a student in my heart.

Those years as a teacher didn't sit well.

I like to learn things. To know things. To fill my head with sparks and starts.

And so I flew to the other coast for the very first time.

Met a stranger at the car rental desk, stayed up late telling her secrets and listening to some too.

Joined up with an LA local who showed us secret spots as we slowly drove north.

Made a home in a cabin with four other strangers. Told more secrets. Listened to more secrets.

Drank so much coffee. Drank so much beer. Drank a medium amount of tequila.

Learned about light.

Thought about breathe.

Confronted fears.

Asked questions.

Stared into someone's eyes for three long minutes.

Jumped into the Pacific.




Made friends across the whole damn world.

Took far fewer photographs than one would expect when away at a photography workshop.

All photos by me except the one of me, which is by one of those new friends, Cathlin McClough

All film. All developed by Indie Film Lab