this is love // a bohemian wedding on the river

The things that matter most aren't the things you can order on Amazon or search Pinterest for some DIY version you can make your own.

Yes, Christie and Jason's wedding was beautiful. Yes, each one of those details was perfectly executed. Their wedding had style. The geode table numbers. The bits of rosemary on each plate setting. The ferns at the end of the pews they made themselves. They were the sorts of details I would want to include in my own wedding if I was doing it again today.  I would want a flower crown and wild, rebellious bouquets. 

But the things that made their wedding their wedding are the things no one else can replicate. The twelve nephews runnings around in suspenders and bowties. The way her grandparents looked at each other as they occupied the dance floor alone as winners of the anniversary dance. The sound of Jason's radiant sister's voice as they walked down the isle. Those are the things I will remember of that day on the Potomac River when the sun never quite came out but the storms never came either.