finding home

I can't decide what was the best part, the thing I most need to tell you about. Do I explain how spending time with someone who is so different from you will remind you of the importance of spending time with someone so different from you? Or do I tell you how when you spend time with someone so different from you, you are reminded of how similar we all are? The way that mother's will always fight for their children. The way that daughters will always miss their moms.

I could have talked to Siheme for hours that turned to days. Because she is smart and funny and warm. Because she is brave and kind. A French-Tunisian who has lived across the globe. Who still sees the whole world as her home, even if her son is decidedly American. 

I think of all the things that I want to say, though the most important is how she reminded me that immigrants are our greatest hope in this country. They are who will remind us to be our best selves. Remind us to be the country we claim to be. With the exception of a very few, most of us came here. We left something in search of something else. That spirit is a beautiful thing. Cripplingly beautiful. Something I have completely taken for granted. Something I will try my best to remember from here on out.