annapolis afternoon

On a Saturday afternoon.

Between the naps of the morning and those of the afternoon.

Before the wind.

And the hints of winter.

Four mom/ aunt types.

Two dad /uncles.

Eight cousin / siblings.

Bags of Pirate's Booty and plenty of clementines.

Basketballs and slides and big brown leafs.

Footballs to the eyeballs.

Babies crying.

Babies sleeping.

The things that make for a good life make for good pictures too.

at home in annapolis

Here's one thing I want you to know going in to a family session with little kids: DON'T STRESS OUT.

Don't worry if they are sitting still or listening perfectly. I'm a mother of four kids. I take pictures of toddlers often. I know what to expect.

Let's just have a good time. Let's play games and blow bubbles, feed them snacks if they're hungry. If your toddler person throws a fit, that's okay too. Seriously. No judgement.  (Feel free to check out documentation of my own toddler's tantrums #arlogivesup ) 

In fairness, Adele, this adorable almost three year old din't throw any tantrums. But if your kid does, it's okay. I'm just trying to capture life as it actually is, and parents and grandparents know, it involves more meltdowns than any of us want to admit.

Also, I love that this at-home family session includes a grandparent. If you know me in real life, you know that grandparents and extended family are a giant part of our life. If it's a giant part of your life, please, include them. The more the merrier.

If you all also happen to be super stylish and have amazing hair like this family, well then, that's also cool.