adobe house

The early stages are honored; we see the images celebrating the transition from maiden to mother. The maternity photos. The newborn moments. I’m asked to document first birthday parties, breast feeding, the toddler years.

But the sessions slow down as the children grow older. And more and more often, the parents remove themselves from the frame. There might be sports photos, portraits on homecoming, senior sessions, but the day to day life, heart, pulse of the family isn’t acknowledged.

And we certainly talk less about what it means to mother as the needs of our children scot up Maslow’s hierarchy.

But there are still sleepless nights.


But there are also moments of heartbreaking tenderness.

I want to help you see honor those moments, especially if you’re having a hard time doing that on your own.

If it’s feeling hard, and so monotonous, let me come in a reintroduce you to the beauty that is hiding in plain sight.

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