For months I've been sitting on this session coming back over and over again trying to find the right words. Because this family deserves them. Deserves words carefully chosen and polished to a tasteful shine.

This family deserves intentional, deliberate words because every single thing is their home, the way they love each other, the way they parent, it is all done with care. Nothing is slapdash. Nothing ill-considered. 

 I, on the other hand,  can be very slapdash. Most of my decisions feel ill-considered. 

Being around Sara felt like a behind the scenes peek on a parenting class I didn't know I needed. A gentle reminder to slow down and pay attention. To look left and then right.  To be fully in each moment.

Even allowing my memory to trail back to that slow Sunday morning I spent photographing them in their Capitol Hill rowhouse calms my nerves. Lowers my blood pressure. Gets me to stop and look around at each member of my family engaged in their own words. To memorize their noses and eyebrows and the way they misconjugate certain verbs. Inhale the smell of their heads and be here now.