days of may on the coldest afternoon of winter

The rug was a dollar and the house sits right on the river.

I wish I owned every book on their shelf. Every oil portrait hanging on the wall or resting on the midcentury buffet.

They offer French pressed coffee and we talk about what it means to be outside of the cities, on the fringe.

They look perfect in their space. But then again they are the type of people who I suspect would look perfect just about anywhere.  A black-tie fundraiser or around a campfire. Equally at ease.

She owns a floral studio, and every picture from every event I've ever seen is a work of art. It transcends bouquets and centerpieces.

Their lives feel deliberate and thoughtful. It made me want to be the same, though I know there will always be an apple with two bites taken out of it thrown back into my fruit bowls. And the pictures on my walls are all kaddywonk. And the sound of Youtube toy videos punctuates in the background. 

But maybe they'll invite me back. I'll wear matching socks without any holes, and I'll get to finish that cup of coffee before it gets cold.

This is my first time shooting on a mix of film and digital, the perfect creative antidote for the slow season.

If you're in need of some inspiration, check out Michaela's website Days of May Florals or her Instagram. And obviously, if you're looking for flowers at your wedding to stop guests in their tracks, get in touch with her.