always sisters

As we walked around Jefferson Patterson Park, there were more than a few strange looks. Three brides? And there are plenty of jokes to be made. Sister wives?

But strange looks, jokes, and confusion aside, these sisters are beautiful and a pleasure to photograph.  They have fun when they are together. They laugh and move with ease, teasing each other and complimenting one another in the same breath. 

So much of my identity as woman comes from my understanding of what it means to be a sister. What it means to have years of jokes and hurt feelings living together in a memory of unconditional love.  Getting to spend a golden hour with these three sisters reminded me of the power of sisterhood. And certainly the beauty of it.

love in the morning

I wanted to come here to welcome you to the new year, to tell you of all my resolves and aspirations. I will always love the hope that a new year brings. The chance for new beginnings and growth and change.  The belief that we can do better. Be better. It's among my favorite things in this world. 

But I haven't yet found the quiet moments I need to think about the year to come, to reflect on the year just finished. Instead I'll leave you with pictures of an engagement session taken at sunrise on the last day on 2016. 

Where there is love, there is hope.