summer film

Experiments in film.

From warm days that felt so long it was hard to imagine they would ever give way to the cold, gray days that have been keeping us indoors this past week.

But I am a four season human, even if I play favorites. 

I know I need this time to come inside, to ache for green backdrops and sun soaked afternoons.

I know the value in missing something. The way it makes you love it all the more when it returns. 

The shortest days. The coldest. They are yet to come. But they have lessons to teach me.

For now, I'll feel the warm of days past, enveloped in the nostalgia of my favorite medium. 

winter's last gasp

I'm excited for spring, even if we barely had a winter. Excited for green and longer days and things in bloom. For days spent at the beach and then eventually the pool. For cook-outs and freckled shoulders and drinking cocktails in the road with neighbors as kids run wild into the evening. 

But today, over a week into a sickness that just won't quit, in the midst of a not-snow storm that has the view looking extra gray and uninviting, I'm happy to revisit a roll of film taken on winter days. Winter at it's best. 

Soon we will shed the coats and boots for good. Soon, but not quite yet.

Shoot on my Nikon f100 with Acros 100// developed by

If you're interested in booking a spring family session, my calendar is starting to fill up. Hopefully you'll let me play around a little with film too, as an added bonus.