What Comes Before: Mehndi, Sangeet, Haldi and Pithi in Potomac, MD

A few weeks before their wedding, Ashima and Aalok contacted me about photographing some of the pre-wedding events leading up to their wedding: catching the tail end of a day long mehndi session, attending the sangeet at the Potomac Country Club, capturing the haldi and pithi ceremonies.

I’ve been intimidated to try to write about it because it can be hard to write about things outside of my own traditions without an aura of cliched reverence. The colors, the clothings, the music, the food, the deep love of family and the respect for tradition. It was all there. And to top it off was a couple whose love and respect for each other is palpable from the moment you meet them.

After three days of buzzing about them, I was exhausted, and I wasn’t even attending all the dinners and brunches thrown in to the mix. But they must have had a deep reservoir of energy to pull from because the big day hadn’t even hit when I said my good-byes.